Laugh Out Loud Fun with a Powerful Message

"Christian Illusionist" Don Townsend is not only an illusionist that is a Christian. He uses his illusionists skills to illustrate Christian principles.

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*Family Fun Night

*Sunday morning service

*Sunday evening service

*Upward awards night

*Youth Event

*Men's event

*Women's event

*Children's event

Don is based in Orlando, Florida. He is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, but prefers the title Christian Illusionist and very funny Christian Comedians

(407) 568-8266

Some people refer to Don as a Christian Magician. He is more accurately described as a Christian Illusionist, Christian Comedian, or Christian Entertainer. Whatever term you may use, everyone agrees it's an amazing show full of LAUGH OUT LOUD FUN and a POWERFUL MESSAGE

*Church Celebration

*Special Outreach

*Seniors event

*Any other special event

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